Workshop: Climate Change and the Humanities

(Cross post from H-Environment, via the Climate History Network)

On the 17th October 2013, the Centre for Social and Political Thought and the Centre for World Environmental History at Sussex University will be hosting a joint one-day workshop on how the humanities and social sciences have engaged with issues around climate change. Within the last two decades, discussions around climate change have expanded from the natural sciences to include the social sciences and humanities. It is now clear that climate change has political, economic and social consequences. However, until now academic discussions on the topic have focused primarily on policy implementation and the consequences of such actions. Furthermore, the historical dimensions to the debate have been severely neglected. Therefore, with this in mind, the aim of the one-day workshop will be to explore different approaches to the understanding of the climate change phenomenon with a view to further enhancing the inter-disciplinary approach to the subject. Thus, this workshop will provide an opportunity for, among others, social theorists, environmental activists, environmental historians and intellectual historians to come together to exchange ideas about how to understand the ‘climate change phenomenon’.

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