History of Meteorology – Volume 4 (2008)

James Rodger Fleming, Editor-in-Chief

History of Meteorology is the peer-reviewed journal of the ICHM.

ISSN 1555-5763

© ICHM 2008


Proceedings of the International Commission on History of Meteorology


  • Introduction, Call for Papers, and Style Guide, iii-v
  • Donald A. Garden (Australia), El Niño, Irrigation Dams and Stopbanks: Examining the repercussions of the 1876-78 El Niño in Australia and New Zealand, 1-26.
  • Adrian Howkins (USA), Political Meteorology: Weather, climate and the contest for Antarctic sovereignty, 1939-1959, 27-40
  • Matthias Dörries (France), The ‘Winter’ Analogy Fallacy: From superbombs to supervolcanoes, 41-56
  • Vladimir K. Zworykin, Outline of Weather Proposal, 1945 (with historical introduction by James Fleming), 57-78  (Note: 21 megabyte file)