History of Meteorology

History of Meteorology is the peer-reviewed journal produced by the ICHM. It has been assigned ISSN 1555-5763 by the U.S. Library of Congress. It is currently being indexed by two leading services: Isis Current Bibliography of the History of Science (from which citations are posted online on the RLG History of Science and Technology database) and Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts.

Latest Issue

A Question of Scale: Making Meteorological Knowledge and Nation in Imperial Asia (2020)

Edited by Fiona Williamson and Vladimir Jankovic

Articles should be based on original research and present a novel thesis. They must be engaging, clearly written, and fully documented, following the style guide linked below. All papers will be subject to peer review. Authors are reminded that international and interdisciplinary perspectives are encouraged and articles should engage social, cultural, and/or intellectual themes and contexts. Because this is an electronic journal, it is possible to publish color illustrations and experiment with alternative media such as audio and video files and databases. Session conveners are invited to propose special sections or issues of the journal.

Dr Vladimir Jankovic is the editor.

Style Guide

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