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Japan Climate Data Project

(Cross post from the Climate History Network)

In 2013, researchers from Seikei University, Teikyo University, and Tokyo Metropolitan University created the new Japan Climate Data Project.  This collaboration aims to recover and catalog Japan’s extensive historical climate records–including weather diaries and phenological observations–as well as early instrumental measurements.  The data section is still in progress (as of 8/2013) but should eventually contain extensive digitized records and later English translations of data.  In the meantime, the site contains a bibliography of publications based on the collections.

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International Society for Historical Climatology and Climate History

(Cross post from the Climate History Network)

Last week in Munich,  the International Society for Historical Climatology and Climate History was formally registered and held its first official board meeting during the European Society for Environmental History biennial conference.  The new society also inducted its first honorary members: Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, Christian Pfister, and Geoffrey Parker.  The board discussed links with journals, a publication series, and a projected conference for 2014.  The society will open formal membership soon.  For now, will host the society’s webpage and announcements.

Climate History Network Resources

Teaching resource: 100 Views of Climate Change

(cross post from Climate History Network)

100 Views of Climate Change is a website for climate-change education and outreach.  This site was recently reorganized and includes annotations and links to videos, podcasts, books, articles, essays, and websites that convey high-quality information in clear and appealing ways to non-specialist adults, including college-level students, their teachers, and the interested public. The range is multidisciplinary, ranging from climate science to ecology, agriculture to ethics, communication to policy, economics to energy.