Atmospheres: a series of art-science interactions

POSTPONED – April 1, 2019

Our first Atmospheres presentation by Angela Davies (tomorrow Tuesday 2, April @ 2 PM, Coupland 3, LT A) has unfortunately to be cancelled  at the last minute for health reasons. We hope to rearrange the event for a future date and will post here with updates.

Apologies to anyone who had planned to attend tomorrow’s talk.

Sponsored by ICHM, Atmospheres is a series of interactions between knowledge communities working on the subjects of environment, ecology and health. Interactions bring together artists and university researchers in a series of meetings and showcases aimed to foster an exchange of ideas on how environmental objects emerge and travel across knowledge communities and how the communication between these communities develops or fails. Atmospheres seeks to promote inter-community thinking by fostering exchange among groups with little opportunity to speak to each other in the course of their professional work.

The first event will be held at the University of Manchester on Tuesday 2nd April and will feature the artist Angela Davies.

Poetics of Data, Angela Davies

Angela Davies is an artist working within the fields of sculpture, installation and performance. Bordering between traditional processes and creative technologies, the works explore and operate within an ecological context that considers dualities of the material and immaterial, real and virtual, presence and absence. Through interdisciplinary practice, modes of expression engage glass, light, robotics and interaction across performance, sculpture and installation.
The works seeks to explore ecological structures and the poetics of data with reflections upon communication and interaction. Data and visualisation strategies have informed how the language of light can be used to convey an embodied awareness of atmospheric and climate behaviours. A strong factor in the works development is the motivation to connect people to an experience allowing a sense of agency for interrogating and illuminating abstract ideas. This extends to dialogues and exchange with scientists and researchers allowing for stronger associations and connections to be explored, especially within the fields of environmental research, robotics, sensing technologies and optics.
The presentation will highlight key works of Light Choreographies,
Impermafrost, Birds on the Move informed by these investigations and the
current inquiry into air quality Reading the Skies.

Angela Davies (b.1977, Wales) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Wales, working across sculpture, installation and performance. Often synthesising traditional techniques & current technologies of interaction, evolving the poetry of material, process and scale. She explores phenomena of the world and perceptual experiences of it. Concepts raised continue to engage reflective inquiry into climate & environmental contexts. 

Davies completed her Masters with Distinction at Manchester School of Art (2013) and subsequently co-founded StudioMADE a cross- disciplinary studio within Wales. Her work has been exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions such as S12 Galleri Bergen, Norway, V2 Lab for the Unstable Media, Netherlands, Pontio Arts & Innovation, Bangor and Meno Parkas Galerija, Kaunas, Lithuania. Selected awards include Arts Council of Wales prestigious Creative Wales Award (2018/19), ESRC Impact Accelerator Account at Bangor University (2018), Innovate UK (2017) for Light Choreographies, A-N New Collaborations Bursary (2014) for participation in ISEA14. She has held residencies at National Theatre Wales (2018), HOME Manchester (2017), Pervasive Media Studio Bristol (current), Cadw (2014-17). With commissions undertaken for Arts Council of Wales, the National Trust and BBC Connected Studios with NESTA. Her work is within both public and private collections. For more on Angela’s work please visit:

The second event will take place on Tuesday 30th April at the
University of Manchester and will feature the artist Berndnaut Smilde. For more on Berndaut’s work please visit:

If you have any questions about either event, or the series in general, please contact Dr Vladimir Jankovic at the University of Manchester:

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